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dark_beautys's Journal

ashes and diamonds
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Welcome ^^

this is a community, for bands that are not only rock, but also pop and vice versa.

ok, since I can't know everything, there are just 3 bands at the moment, that I know to be not really fitting in one genre. other bands and singers are welcome too ^^

just please not only rock *like dir en grey, gazette....* nor only pop *News, Arashi,.....*

You can also visit this small forum:

oh, and since this idea just came into my mind, this isn't a very stylish bio.... I'm sorry

just enjoy your stay, but PLEASE:

1. be nice

2. if you want to post fanfics, go ahead, BUT! fics with rating NC17 or other hot stuff, behind a cut, friends-locked and with a warning, we don't want to see young kiddies stuff they're not supposed to see, right?

3. media uploads, just for sample purposes (so the files have to be deleted after 24-72 hours), I don't want this to be a rotation.... there are enough other communities for that.

uhm yay, I guess that's the most important stuff. most of the time I'm friendly, but that doesn't mean I can't be the wrath from hell ;)

if you wanna link to this community, you can use one of this two banners, but please upload them to your own webspace ^^



PS: I know enough english to see, that the username is wrong, but lj left me no choice x.x